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"Yeah, I'm gonna need more RAM."

That was like the 2nd thing out of my mouth this morning. I spent a couple of hours today--if by "couple," I mean "as many as I could squeeze out of my day"--working over "The Hand that Feeds." And I should have a variation good enough for sharing in the next day or two. But what I learned was that I need moremoreMORE computing power.

Believe me or not, but I'm not really a power user. I tend to go with middle of the road specs on the machines I get, mainly because I'd rather spend what money I get on software and my attention on a broad range of things. I've found it exceedingly rare that I'll bump up against my capacity. But when Reznor says that he works on a laptop with a couple gigs of RAM, well, he's right to do so. I'm having to take some shortcuts to work with his file. I'm managing, but only just barely.

And oh yeah, I know next to nothing about music, and I have more respect daily for those who do. It's really opened my eyes, getting to unravel a fairly simple 3+ minute song.

And it's a whole lot of fun. Really.


i only used a gig of ram in my 3 revisions, but that only accounted for 12 tracks at most, and a few times in did hit the 'red triangle'.

I wait with tangible anticipation!