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It is poetry month, right?

(Tip: Alan)

You go to HTTP in tha House, give them a URL, and a couple of seconds later, their script "read[s] the page and shout[s] out some dope rhymes." Heh.

I must confess that "we might consider t whatever/me to offer rule of sever" actually stuck in my head for a couple of minutes.

a whole horde of
edu cgbvb archives dove
there learning about grokster please
fact that trapeze
we might consider t whatever
me to offer rule of sever
posts to
t feel an lu

exciting a html
travel a cell
trackbacks trackback
dc identifier http wrt flay
george rhinehart a
us forgetting the home runs yea
incoming students are held to
im plagiarists ward churchill etc woo


My fave line is definitely "george rhinehart a."

Here's mine:
since she was friends

van advertised hess

blogs jenny archives

the player i give it es

a href http www

me i need

sunday morning knowing bloody well

t mean unsafe dwell

the sounds are like dreamy

might get me out

postal service

guy at my nervous

currently live in

br sometimes i wish i finn

sidetitle recent

saying things jpg src http decent

I liked: "saying things jpg src http decent"

(Sorry. Just one more:)

lyrics by: http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/~edbauer/blogs/jenny/

where i research rhetorical theory
creepy as i deary
onclick opencomments
rolling in es
span class calendar nbsp span
clay spinuzzi van
the burbs a
and several wilting houseplants bouquet

utexas edu
blogs jenny archives hebrew ru
where i ve been
edbauer blogs jenny archives html shin
love for spring a
of how this may
that makes it sadder
alt heart broken jpg ladder