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Habemus Plotam!

I feel like my patience with Alias is slowly starting to be rewarded. Three moments from tonight's show worth mentioning:

I'm willing to forgive them for not making Arvin Clone Sloane's brother. I've got my suspicions about how this particular subplot will unfold, but for the moment, I'm just willing to ride out the fact that we have a villain now who is as villainous as Sloane himself was in Seasons 1 & 2 (and literally so).

The scene where they all spill their codenames for the dopplesloaner was a hoot. Arvin Clone. Marvin Sloane. Etc. High. Larious.

Finally, in what was for me maybe the best scene of the entire season, Ron Rifkin was capital-b Brilliant tonight at the tail end of the episode. They telegraphed the ending of the episode way too much--and in that sense, they're still dumbing it down too much for my tastes--but Rifkin carried off Sloane's transformation really well. He just goes bonkers. And I don't know that there's been a more chilling moment this season than watching Sloane speak calmly to Nadia with blood all over his face. Creepy. Gruesome. Genius.

Ok. Amidst all of this goodness, we have:

The colossal xanthium-powered dodgeball, which Syd wants to blow up, and Sloane clearly covets.
Jack, slowly dying from radiation poisoning.

Maybe they'll fool me here, but it did seem pretty obvious which way the plot will turn next week. And that's why they gave Carter (couldn't they have given Paul Ben-Victor a couple of episodes before knocking him off?) the lines that they did.

What we don't know, though, is exactly where Arvin Clone fits into things. And that's where I'll hang my hope for the next few eps. Oh, and Jacquelyn. That's the Alias I know and love, where they just keep dropping clues, all of which eventually make sense, but do so really unpredictably.

Oh, and ABC? Don't you dare run one of those damn fake, montage episodes where you "explain" the show for a week. Please please please please. How utterly sad is it that we've gotten to the point where shows with plots that last longer than one or two shows now have to be explained? At least when they did montage episodes on sitcoms, they were montaging funny moments. This is just dumb, and it's an insult to those of us who actually watch your shows. I mean, really. How many people have trouble following Desperate Housewives? Really.

That is all.


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Argghhh! I had written like, 5 thousand words on the topic and then somebody (me??) closed the window and lost it. At any rate, in summary:
1) Glad the plot thickens, too! Wanna see more ass-kicking action from Jen aka Sydney.
2) Do you think Sloane actually cloned himself during his elusive years with Omnifam, possibly based on the Rambaldi artefacts? The cloning might have gone horribly wrong--or not; and it would have allowed him to live the double life he always wanted--pursuing Rambaldi and being with his daughter at the same time. But again, Nadia might be just a very important cog in the machine and he just needed to keep an eye on her. But then why give the clone the same identity--or perhaps the clone assumed his worst characteristics and went rogue?
3) Do you think there's a chance the huge red xanthium-powered ball holds the key to Jack's cure?
4) Maybe Sloane is just schizo? In a very disturbing way, of course.
5) I heard they got Lena Olin to return to the show for a few episodes. They never said why she was so adamant to leave the show in the first place (I really missed her, actually). If so, why did Jack insist so much that he shot Irina (in the head)?
6) What do you think they're going to make this whole Rambaldi thing about? Immortality? And how is Arvin Sloane connected to Rambaldi himself? (Remember the David Carradine scene in the Tibetan monastery, back in season 1 or 2....)
7) Somebody dropped a ticking time-bomb an episode or so ago, when they asked what Sloane was really feeding those poor at Omnifam. Or is it yet another loose plot end?

--An Alias afficionado

Let's see:

  1. Yes!
  2. That was my thought, too. What better way to "go legit" than to let someone else maintain all of your networks and contacts for you? I think that they must be connected somehow, but I'm not sure yet how...
  3. Absolutely.
  4. Insane, yes--and this makes him a lot more interesting all of a sudden.
  5. My rule is "never trust displays of emotion from Jack." They're almost always misdirection. And so my thought is that he specifically didn't kill her, and made a big deal of it to hide the fact...
  6. Hard to say. I was really bumming at the beginning of the season when they started making it sound like a cult, as though all of those different technologies hadn't worked perfectly.
  7. I sure hope not. That was the other biggie (beside Jacquelyn) that had me wanting more. If the end goal was some sort of genetic manipulation, then maybe Arvin Clone is connected there somehow?

One more thing: shouldn't there be a 4A group (Alias-Addicted Academic Anonymous?) I think I belong there.

My name is Clancy, and I'm an Alias-Addicted Academic.

(And Lost-Addicted, now. Should it be an Abrams-Addicted Academics' group?)