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A quick assist?

I've looked at this site on Safari and Firefox for Mac, but I don't have immediate access to various PC browsers, so if anyone's looking at it that way, could you tell me if it looks all right. Below is a snapshot of the site as it shows up on my screen--I know that the color will be a little different, but I'm most concerned with layout, alignment, etc., not getting too botched across platforms...


a screen shot of this site

Update: Thanks for the quick reply, NK! I should also note that, for some reason, this new blog, even though it's on my cgbvb installation, is starting from scratch with respect to comment moderation. So even I wasn't a "trusted commenter" yesterday, and had to approve my own test comment. So please don't take offense if your comments here get held up for a bit. It just means I'm away from my machine...


It looks fine on Firefox on my PC!

In IE, there's quite a lot of space between the network graphic in the upper left and the rest of the blog, so I have to scroll over to see most of the actual blog content.

Donna, Donna, Donna.

IE? :-(

Just teasing. I'll see what I can do--I know that there are a bunch of IE workarounds in the CSS already, but I think I know what's causing the grief...

Just for the record (ya know, history and all)--I know, I know. But my home computer is so very old that I don't like to download anything new unless I absolutely must.

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