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5 Reasons to be grateful that the Super Bowl is today

1. Mercury Morris vanishes, maybe forever

2. No more tv/radio spots talking about the Super Bowl without being allowed (I guess) to use the actual phrase Super Bowl™

3. 359 sweet, sweet days until the next Super Bowl Media Monday, where all the B-list media outlets compete with one another to be the most "viral." This year? Congratulations to TV Azteca for being the biggest jackasses of a pretty jackassy bunch

4. No more wondering why the hell the freakin SUPER BOWL needs (a) a red carpet, or (b) Ryan Seacrest to stand on it. I know that FOX is the king of irrelevant and intrusive cross-product advertisement, but isn't American Idol already the most popular show on TV?

5. Hey, those wacky! crazy! Super Bowl commercials!

Last year at this time, I cared, since my Bars made it to the Super Bowl for the first time since I was in high school. But as a result, I think I'm even more cynical this year about how shallow and vapid these 2 weeks leading up to the game actually are. I just have no patience for the fifteenth story about the point spread moving from 13 to 12.5, or Tom Brady's phantom sprain, or Eli Manning's magical transformation from schlub to star in 3-4 games, or worst of all, stories about the repetitiveness of the stories. Ugh. Play the damn game already.

That's all.


Hrm, Merc may not be gone just yet.

Ha! And I had no idea the super bowl was today until I wondered why the grocery store was so busy today and someone looked at me like I was insane and said it was today. Well, okay then!

Yeah, I saw Shula say something like "after the first game..." today during his "praise" of the Pats. Brother. The only difference between them and everyone else is that they got caught.

My favorite Merc quote was him saying that the Pats had a chance to cement their rep as the 2nd best team in NFL history. Bitter much?

Nels, what Thanksgiving is to turkey farmers and ValDay is to Hallmark, SuperBowl Sunday is to FritoLay, pizza deliverers, and grocery stores. I'm only being partly facetious.

It's actually a little interesting to me how highly ritualized the game has become--especially all of the apparatus surrounding it...

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