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No fairweather fan, I

I have to pay my proper respects to the Colts, who beat my Bears fair and square. As gloaty as I was after the first, and perhaps ugliest overall, quarter, I knew that there was going to be trouble if the Bears couldn't control the ball. And trouble there was. The only realistic scenario where they were going to win involved special teams (check) and ball control (not so check). If they had been able to string together some drives, then the Colts' strategy of letting them start at the 40 every possession would have been a mistake. As it was, it just meant deeper punts.

My personal vote for MVP would have gone to the Colts' running back tandem. They're the fellers who won the game, honestly. Peyton had a nice game, but Addai caught more than a third of his passes, and between them, Addai and Rhodes almost gained 200 yards on the ground. Kind of depressing that they waited until the Super Bowl to exorcise the ghost of Edgerrin, but good for Colts fans, I suppose.

So congrats, Colts fans. Now, please just suck, so that the Bears can make it back next year and win.

That is all for football, for a while at least.