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It's only fair that I acknowledge that old-school Warriors' fans, all three or four of them, have had it far leaner than I have as a Bulls fan. I can't say whether this is the biggest upset ever in the NBA, but I will say that I've never seen a more one-sided, key-to-lock series, where one team seemed designed perfectly to take another apart.

And make no mistake--they were dis. man. tled. Say what you will about soft #1 seeds and 8 the hard way--there is no way that this series should have played out like it did. But it's sure been fun to watch. And I'm looking forward to their upcoming series against Hou-Tah.

That is all.



That is all.

No, that's not all.

I've never been kicked in the crotch more as a sports fan than this past year. First, Dallas loses in the Finals after going up 2-0 on the heat AND having a 15 point lead with 7 minutes to play in game 3. Then the Cowboys lose in the first round of the playoffs on Tony Romo's botched snap. THEN the Stars go down 3-1 in a series where Marty Turco FINALLY gets his playoff monkey off his back only to battle back and force a game seven... where they lost.

Now this. I'm a wreck. And I'm pretty sure that the fact that I'm stuck with the Rangers (who've already made a run at eliminating themselves from contention this season) is going to be enough to make me empty the chamber straight into my cranium.

I would be one of those three or four...and boy howdy is it a good day in the Bay Area.

I am not as confident about the second round, only because the matchup of styles and players isn't nearly as ready-made for success.

I'm rooting for Chicago in the East!

Wonder what all those people who voted Dirk MVP are thinking this morning...

I can tell you what one of them is thinking: if Dirk wins the MVP, he should just give it back.

They're thinking, "oops." Heh.

Congrats, Julie! I was digging the Run-TMC flashbacks that they were showing during the late stages of the game last night.

And Dylan, I'm sorry. I remember how that felt back in 05, when the Cubs imploded, and it's no fun at all...

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