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It's been a long, long time...

...since I was able to watch the Bulls win a playoff series. And if you don't think they've got a decent shot at making the Finals, you're mistaken, my friend.

Chicago Bulls


I want the Suns to make the finals. If not the Suns, then Golden State.

I like how you didn't quite go so far as to say "winning the Finals."

I'd be happy for either of those teams to lose to the Bulls in the Finals. ;-)

Jonathan doesn't think the Bulls are going to make the finals; he thinks Detroit is going to beat them.

I'll agree with Jonathan that the winner of the Chicago-Detroit series is the odds-on favorite to make the Finals, and I do think that Chicago has demonstrated that they can beat Detroit (3 out of 4 this season).

Of course, the East is like a mid-major conference tournament--it's hard not to believe that they're all playing for 2nd place.

And I'm a big believer in the steps--that in the dearth of Shaquish players, it takes a team 2 or 3 years of gradual progress to get there. So winning a first-round series is enough for me--anything else is gravy, far as I'm concerned...I'm just happy to see them improving.

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