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So that's where my sweater was

Like it was yesterday, you remember my pseudo-move? The one where I had to move out of my apartment so that I could move back into it a month later?

Well, as it turns out, I had taken some shirts and sweaters to the cleaners, and not picked them up--no sense picking them up and giving myself even more to pack up, right? I forgot, however, that I did it, and I lost whatever ticket/receipt existed to remind me. Last week, the cleaners called me to let me know that my May 2005 (!?!?!) order was ready for pick-up.

So I got a bunch of shirts and a couple of sweaters yesterday. It was just like going shopping for clothes, except cheaper and except that I had to pay for clothes that were already technically mine. As someone told me, it was like breaking out the winter coat and finding a twenty in the pocket.

Oh, and as I was going back into my archives looking for the pseudo-move entry, I came across my favorite Photoshop job of all time, the Spuriosity. It still makes me laugh. And it occurs to me, if things get slow blog-wise around here that, instead of posting the results of my Google Image Searches, I could go back and nominate some Post-of-the-Month candidates from the archives. That might be kind of fun, in fact.

That is all.


bastard. I dug hard in my image searches. I selected. It's invention.

I'll be more impressed when you get the call from teh drycleaners to pick up your coat that has 20 bucks in the pocket.

I think that's more like breaking out a $20 and finding a winter coat in the pocket.

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