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A Case of Spuriosities

I told Jenny that she had to repost this, but after that, I went looking to see if I still had it on my machine. A little more than a year ago, she sent me a link to a site called "A Case of Curiosities," which offers such "fine art taxidermy" services as you'll find on the "Grotesque Beauties" page. I still can't really type this without cringing.

Anyhow, if I remember correctly, Jenny was krushing on Manu Ginobli, whose Spurs face off tonight against the Pistons for the NBA Championship, and so, entirely unsolicited, I made Jenny this little picture combining her interests in Manu and Grotesque Beauties. It still makes me laugh, this:

grotesque manu-ty

And yes, this may very well be the single creepiest thing I've ever done with Photoshop. (Here's the original.)


Yes, it is still creepy after all this time. I can't quite explain the fascination it holds for me, though.

Clearly it didn't work to spurse the curs, though. Maybe Tim Duncan's head on the squirrel would work for Game 2?

IMO there are players in the NBA who are far more crushable than Ginobli or Duncan. Amare Stoudemire has this remote, serene, mysterious quality that's alluring, and I like that when the camera cuts to Steve Nash after he's just done some unexpected pass or made a three-point shot, his mouth is always hanging open, yet he doesn't look stupid.