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Who moved my Cup?

You'll forgive me for being a little jittery today, I trust. Today (or rather, yesterday) was the first in almost three weeks where I didn't watch at least a half of the World Cup. Yes, it's true. Although sometimes I just put it on and check when I hear the announcer's voices rise with excitement, I have been totally addicted to the football.

Whatever did I do without the football, you might ask? Well, I caught up on Bloglines, did a little research, and also a little fluff reading. The list of books that I should be reading continues to grow (with Michele White, Chris Anderson, and Edward Tufte each coming soon to add to the damn pile), but instead, I wanted something light. I was proudest, though, of the book that I didn't read, which I will share with you in the form of a link to Chris Sims' review of it: Chuck Norris' The Justice Riders. Chris normally reviews comics, complete with scanned-in panels. Lacking panels for Chuck's latest masterpiece, he turns, as he explains, to the crayons:

Chris Sims channels Chuck Norris

Here, let me start you off:

And no, your eyes do not decieve you: It took Chuck Norris and three other people to write this book, presumably because seeing more than a third of Chuck's original manuscript would leave any other man blind and possibly deaf.

Go read the rest, and join me in a silent salute to Chris, who read this book so that no one else would have to.

That's all. The football, it returns tomorrow, I think.