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20 minutes from the end of this entry

In 20 minutes, it'll be July, and to an end I can put the single worst month of blogging in the history of this here space.

There's a story that I like to tell, about when I was in college. Every term (we were on trimesters), our little 10-week session ended with an 11th week of finals, separated from the regular season by 4-5 "dead" days for us to prepare. And I always prepared, mostly, but one of the things I also did during dead days was to read voraciously. There were times where I averaged a book a day while I was supposed to be studying for finals. Whatever the reading equivalent of graphomania was, that's what I had. It didn't interfere with my ability to study and retain so much as it kept the wheels spinning so that I didn't need warm-up time when I turned to studying.

All of this is a roundabout way of coming to the realization that not writing here in June wasn't so much a matter of spending all of my writing time on other stuff. I just didn't write much. Looking back, it seems clear to me now that I needed a break, and a break I took.

I'm pretty sure that it's over now. Hello the July.