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Total Miles: 717
Miles to Date: 717
Number of States Visited: 4
Number of State Troopers Avoided: 7

Arrived in Lafayette yesterday evening at around 5:00 or so. I left Syracuse Saturday night, but didn't end up driving through the night--my sleep schedule has actually cycled back to something resembling normality, and so late-night driving wears me down faster than usual.

First visit to Thomas and Jenny in their new house on Sandpiper Ct. Maybe later today, I'll try out my new FlickR account and post a photo or two. Right now, I'm blogging from Purdue, where I just ran into Charlie, who sounds like he's taken to the professional writing program here like a fish to water. He's working on really interesting stuff here.

Not much else to report. We're hitting a coffeeshop this afternoon, where I'll probably put in a couple of hours of reading and note-taking while Thomas and Jenny work on the stuff they've got to do. Maybe an entry from there if I'm in the mood.


Village Coffee has good coffee and free wireless, but Vienna has the bast chocolate cake!

With Charlie and Dr. B at Purdue, and Collin hanging there for a while, I'm wondering if we should try to organized some kind of comp bloggers thing at NCTE in November, which is happening in Indianapolis.

Might just be a social gathering, but seems worth taking advantage of the geography and propinquity (always wanted to use that word). NCTE runs from Nov. 17 to 20, I think.

I want to hang out with you guys! I drove down to Lafayette for C&W 2003; I can do it again. :-)

Collin sort of caught me off guard when I saw him. I'm still going through the "I'm adjusting to a whole new campus/environment" thing, and the first thing out of my mouth was "Why haven't I seen you until now?" before I realized I wasn't supposed to have. LOL

Then he made me jealous with an outline of this cross-country trek of his ;)

As for NCTE, I have no plans to attend. But since it's only 1 hour away, I'd love to drive over and meet up with any edubloggers heading that way. Or they can come and site see in the wonderful town of Lafayette (yes, I'm being slightly saracastic. lafayette is a nice place, but not that exciting. but what else is one supposed to do when one is procrastinating instead of working on another project ;)