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Coming soon to a state near you

the 1st leg of my tripSome time today, I'll be departing on the first leg of my roadtrip, the one where I leave Syracuse in the rear view and visit Thomas and Jenny at Purdue.

Psychologically, I think I've been ready to go for almost a month now. Of course, in every other way, it's taken me a bit of time to prepare, not the least of which has been "finishing" the manuscript. Figuring out how much stuff I'll need for a 2-month trip has also been something of a challenge, as has figuring out how little planning I can get away with. It's been tough not to commit to specific dates, but I think I've held out pretty well in that regard. I don't really know yet where all I'll go, what all I'll do, or who all I'll see, but I can say with near certainty that I won't be here, and that it will be fun.


Be careful! See you soon.

Have a good trip, Collin. I covered some of that same ground in June, 2000. I went to Cleveland to see my father (he died in 2002), and then headed to Urbana for the Stage II reviews for the 2001 CCCC program, passing by Columbus, and going through Indianapolis on my way west. I did my best to stay off Interstates, though, and had a lot of fun seeing towns and the countryside.

You passed Detroit!

Let me know if you decide to swing by the Twin Cities!

When/if you get a chance, be sure to have a couple of drinks for me at the Knickerbocker. Actually, I probably closed pretty much every bar in greater Lafayette at one time or another, so um, never mind.