August 24, 2006

How it works

I'm going to prestamp some entries momentarily, with the idea of moving them off the recent posts sidebar as quickly as possible. When we built CCC Online through a Movable Type Installation, one of the things we did was to add a number of static, "template" pages for those places where comments were unnecessary.

On this site, I'm going to want some pages that are relatively static, but still retain feedback possibilities, the ones that will be linked out of the About section. Right now, I'm thinking about pages for an overview of the project, an ongoing book proposal-like document, a tentative table of contents, and a working bibliography that will house not only the texts I've reviewed, but the ones I've yet to get to.

So that's why there's a bunch of new entries that are relatively empty.

A quick assist?

I've looked at this site on Safari and Firefox for Mac, but I don't have immediate access to various PC browsers, so if anyone's looking at it that way, could you tell me if it looks all right. Below is a snapshot of the site as it shows up on my screen--I know that the color will be a little different, but I'm most concerned with layout, alignment, etc., not getting too botched across platforms...


a screen shot of this site

Update: Thanks for the quick reply, NK! I should also note that, for some reason, this new blog, even though it's on my cgbvb installation, is starting from scratch with respect to comment moderation. So even I wasn't a "trusted commenter" yesterday, and had to approve my own test comment. So please don't take offense if your comments here get held up for a bit. It just means I'm away from my machine...

August 23, 2006

On Titles

For now, as the title of this blog trumpets, the title of the manuscript that I'm working on is Rhetworks: An Introduction to the Study of Discursive Networks. I'm not totally sold on this name, however. For one thing, it sounds like Scooby Doo saying the word 'networks': "Rhetworks, Raggy!"

For another, though, I did get kind of used to the phrase "Network(ed) Rhetorics" while I was teaching a graduate course of that name. Rather than doing the explicative subtitle then, I'm thinking instead about Network(ed) Rhetorics: X, Y, Z, with at least one of the variables being "scale." Part of the trick here is that I'm not sure what the others are yet.

But there is a certain amount of voodoo involved in having at least a tentative title sketched out. For whatever reason, it helps me set the scope and tone of my project in ways that prove important both for my focus and my motivation.

For all I know, I'll be posting each month with a revised title, though. We'll see.