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All I can bear to say about Mark Bauerlein

How your mouth feels after eating too much sugary junk?

When I read this just a few weeks after MB admonished someone to "do some homework before passing opinions on matters out of [his] depth,? my soul suffers from a similar overload, one of irony, that almost leaves me nauseous.

Apparently, we can now define "homework" as "skimming a 3-year-old conference program."

And that is all I can bear to say. Except maybe for a quick thanks to Trish Jenkins for being the first commenter.


Yawn. He can't even bother to get a version of this year's program; he has to "work" with from the same one he misread before.

'Gads. That was one of those moments I was embarrassed to be associated with The Valve. (Or to have be so fond of Bauerlein's Literary Criticism: An Autopsy.) (Although that book still resonates for me, inasmuch as it taught me how to be skeptical about theory anthologies and their organizing principles.)

Still, that wasn't the blog's finest moment.

I take it this means I can no longer cite Bauerlein as an exemplar of methodological rigor.

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