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A Dismember to Remember?!

So I stopped up at school this weekend, and when I came outside, what did I see? A brand new car!!

my new Saturn Aura

Who says you can't get a new car for Christmas??

(Okay, so I actually picked it up at the dealer the day before, and photoshopped a bow on it from this lovely site.)

My new car and I are slowly making our way westward, so expect little to go on here...

That's all.


Ahhhh... so Santa came early this year... Very nice indeed.

prit-tee. sorry i missed seeing it on your way through!

I'm a past student of Donna's, and I feel so dumb now... I had the old site for Collin vs. Blog on my blogroll, and I thought you'd just fallen off the face of the earth. So now that I have a free minute, I decided to check out the situation--you just moved! and Bloglines didn't catch on. So I've missed out on 9 months of posts. Nine months! Anyway, I'm glad you're still posting. I look forward to keeping up with your posting now! Happy Holidays

Sweet ride.

Karla, I wasn't punishing you by failing to approve your comment. ;-)

It's been a while since I checked my spam filter, and you got caught there...thanks for returning!


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