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VerveEarth = Assholes

It's funny what it took to get me back into the saddle. I haven't really blogged for about a month now, but I was going through my comment filters to make sure no one got caught there, and what did I find? I found spam from a company called VerveEarth, some faux compliments about my site along with obligatory links to their work. You can slap a com after their name to go look at it. I won't link it here.

I just want to be clear: VE could have the BEST site ev0r. But my new "friend" Clayton came to my site and left his shitty spam on an entry I wrote to honor the passing of my father. If the Internet broke down tomorrow (all except for his site), and I were in a foreign country surrounded by people who didn't speak English, and bleeding out of my eyes with my only hope for life my ability to locate a hospital, and the only way I could find it was by using their site, I would die by the side of the road.

That is how angry this makes me.

So thanks, Clayton, for prompting me to blog again. I hope your company and your product goes belly-up faster than the time it takes your front page to load.

That is all.