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Why they play the game

Syracuse, Games 1-3: 32 points
Syracuse, Game 4: 38 points

Andrew Robinson, Games 1-3: 486 passing yards, 1 touchdown
Andrew Robinson, Game 4: 423 passing yards, 4 touchdowns (previous high: 208 passing yards)

And here I thought that Miami of Ohio was going to be their best chance at getting off the snide. Unless there's a whole lot of upsets goin on today, we can wave at least a temporary farewell to the Bottom 10, too.

(Oh, and thank goodness they were on the road, too. The road whites are at least unoffensive to the eyes.)


I was so happy to see them win this game! It almost made up for Penn State looking like poop, and for what should be a slaughter tonight in SoCal for my poor Cougars (although you never know...)

I had a bad feeling about PSU this week--they caught Mich right as they were turning it around. The Big11 just doesn't feel very strong to me this year....

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