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72 days til basketball season

It's been a little difficult to swallow all the hype that's been circulating this week on the ESPN family of media surrounding the arrival of college football season. Part of it is that the BCS encourages the top teams to treat the opening weeks of the season as a variation of the NFL preseason--where college football is worse is that, rather than seeing first-string vs first-string, second vs second, and so on, we get to see the big guns play teams that would probably struggle against their walk-ons. The 4 ranked teams who premiered on Thursday night won their games by a collective score of 212-20. Woooo!

And unfortunately, Syracuse has sunk to the status of nonconference cupcake, so it's hard to get fired up locally. They made the mistake of scheduling last night's debacle vs Washington at a time when there were no other games, so that the entire nation could share in our sadness--the increasingly frequent pans of dejected Syracuse fans were particularly lovely.

I don't know what the answer to SU's current football woes is, but if last night's game was any indication, we'll have a tough time equalling last year's four wins. Ugh.

Update: Cupcakes 34, Wolverines 32. Mwahahahahaha!


I saw that SU men's soccer pounded on Penn State yesterday, 4-0. So, you know, until basketball season, maybe take in a soccer match or two?

Appalachian State 34
Michigan 32

Looks like someone forgot their cake pans and frosting...

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