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Hair Care

There are three distinct periodizations to my life when viewed through the lens of hair care:

Up until high school, I went to my dad's barber (Rudy was his name, if I recall correctly). We should bear in mind here, however, that my father was all but bald. My cuts were even, but that was about all.

In high school, and extending into the first couple of years of college, I went to a stylist named Cindy (again, I'm pretty sure that was her name), upon whom I had something of a crush. For a few years after that, I just got my cuts when and where I could.

From grad school on, for most of the time, I've gone ahead and taken care of it myself. It's almost a full circle kind of deal, because I really only worry about it being even, and the way I achieve it is to shave my head a couple of times a year. I don't always go full bald, but I do it often enough for it not to be much of a shock to the folk around me. I can let it grow out for a couple of months, and usually I can squeeze another month or two out of it by trimming the sides (I'm not a fan of ear-wings).

I've had the same hairbrush for years, don't use much shampoo, and I don't spend money on styling, of the studio or personal hair care products varieties. And that suits me just fine.


I shaved my own head for enough years to feel like I'm throwing money away every time I pay someone to cut my hair.

Now (because I've grown a bit of hair) I have to decide if I want to keep a short 'do or just let it grow out. Decisions, decisions.

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