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I'm a little surprised every time I realize that my 20th HS reunion was last summer. I didn't go, nor was I tempted even for a moment, although it would have been fairly easy to time a midwest swing so as to make it convenient. Not that I had/have anything against the people with whom I went to HS (or college for that matter, as my 10 and 15 have passed there as well). It's just that the idea of a reunion, the artificial milestoniness of it, doesn't really appeal to me. If I were the kind of person who had made really close, lifelong friends in HS, then perhaps I'd feel differently about it.

So I didn't go, but the other day, I came across a bunch of photos from it. I recognized most everyone, but there was something about looking at these pics that depressed me. Not a "wish I'd been there" but more a "where has the time gone," I think.


One bright side (I'm almost certain there are other, brighter sides when it comes to missing school reunions) is that with your speedy pace from first-grade to third-grade, you've still got a full year to enjoy before you're the age of all of the rest of them.

oh, lordie, who wants to go to the HS reunion? was *anyone* happy in HS? :)

My high school pictures depress me because I went to high school in the 80s and made a lot of unfortunate decisions in terms of hairstyles, clothing, and blue eye shadow. Lots and lots and lots of blue eye shadow. Blue eye shadow for days.

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