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According to my mom, one of the first words I could say, after the obvious ones, was "Cubbies." I like the Bears and Bulls, and can even root for the White Sox under the right circumstances (i.e., against the Yankees, Astros or Cards), but the Cubs were apparently my team before I knew what that meant.

Growing up, I owned a book that I've tried to find online (but haven't found yet) that was about the Cubs. I think it may very well have been the first "real" book that I ever read. It was a history of the Cubs, with stories about the team, their best players, etc. I remember that there was an appendix (I think) with song lyrics from some of the Wrigley Bleacher Bums' more ribald efforts, and that my dad removed that chapter from the book.

Had the Cubs not collapsed against the Marlins a couple of years ago, there was a good chance that I would have tried to get a ticket to at least one game at Wrigley for the Series. I still hold out hope that I'll be able to attend a World Series game there in my lifetime.


While you're hoping, you might also pray for a change in ownership; bring in some people whose primary goals include winning, not filling seats (worked in Boston).

Well, they are being sold after the season, so I do have my fingers crossed, even if it'll end up screwing up the resigning of Zambrano...

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