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My earliest memory is actually, I think, a memory of a memory. It's what I remember remembering when I was old enough to understand the idea of "your earliest memory." Anyhow, I have some recollection, mediated or no, of figuring out how my crib worked. It was a wooden cage, and one side dropped down when released by a metal bar. As I think back, the bar was well-placed to be tripped by a knee when a parent's hands were full (of me). However, it was also well-placed to be triggered by someone reaching his hand between the bars of the crib, reaching down, and giving it a push.

I don't remember actually getting out of the crib, although I suppose I must have. I simply remember figuring out how it worked, and lowering the side when I was still young enough to be doing it from the inside.


I have a memory kind of like that, one where I'm standing in my crib and looking out a window at a super-green grass lawn. My parents have told me that this memory of mine is simply not possible, given where my crib was located, etc. Still, I like to keep it.

a current piece in PMLA talks about all the autobiography-genre-confusion after James Frey (well, the author marks that moment w/r/t a *popular* brew-ha-ha). the piece is jumpy, but it covers some of this fuzzy memory stuff.

Collin, from early on, you were an engineer, it seems.

My earliest memory is of my mum reading me a Winnie the Pooh book (the one where he eats too much honey and can't get back into his cave b/c he's too fat). I was probably 4. Of course, the head injury I sustained in the 4th grade (hole in a barn floor; 9 ft. drop into a cement cow stall) pretty much wiped the disk clean.

I can remember going to a store called Southern Sash when I was very young. I HATED it when my parents took me there with them because there was just nothing *for* me at that store. Southern Sash was a builders' supply store, akin to Home Depot or Lowe's, but more like a place for contractors than regular consumers. The kicker? This was when my parents were in the process of building their house, and I was only two years old *when the house was finished.*

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