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It is my pleasure to be informed...

It gives my provost enormous pleasure to inform me that, with the concurrence of Chancellor Nancy Cantor and the Board of Trustees, I have been granted continuous appointment with tenure at Syracuse University.

That sound you just heard was the pop of about two years worth of tension leaving my shoulders. And/or a cork.

Lots of congratulations to spread around, actually, but I'm thinking I'll wait until tomorrow. That is all.


Sweet, sweet tenure. Way to go. Hardly knew ye, junior ranks!

Congrats Collin. Now you can actually drink that *fine French Champaign-ya*.

Well earned.

Congrats, Collin!!!! Wonderful news.

w00000t!! I hereby dedicate my mentoring post to you. (Even though I wrote it before reading this)


Congratulations! (I'm not at all surprised.)

Yes. Great news and well-deserved. Congratulations.

Congratulations, but that goes without saying. So, um, may other people you like also be considered tenure-worthy at undisclosed times in the future!

I foresee congratulatory drinking to be done in Detroit.


A big woohoo! Congratulations!


Ditto on the congrats!

Great news! Congratulations, Collin!

w00t! That's awesome.


Congrats Collin. Doesn't it seem like the sun shines a little brighter now? Even up here in Syr!


Senior faculty.

Well deserved. Congratulations!!!!
Cheers, iswari

what splendid news! and what an appropriate month to receive it - folks graduating and moving upward and onward...

Excellent news. Well deserved!

Fabulous! I'm happy for you!!

well done, my friend. congratulations!

dude! sweet!




Gratz, my friend.

How did this happen? Is everyone at SU nuts? What could they be thinking? Is there no justice on earth? Is there no honesty? Can I just keep on asking these questions? Well, you fooled 'em this time, but I know the truth. And the truth is, well done and about time. Cheers to you.


Excellent! Congratulations!


Rock on, Collin!

Very good job, my friend.

Yay! Congratulations! What a relief this must be for you.


hooraaaaayyyy, Collin! Good hustle.

Congrats, Collin. That's fantastic.

Hey, that's awesome!! Congratulations!

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