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Back awf

I'm thinking of setting up a separate category for "Why I haven't blogged in 5 days." Unfortunately, that category would be getting the majority of entries lately. I'm not a big one for weather blogging, but in the last two weeks, it has gone from 30s and snow, to 80 degrees a week later, to the low 40s two days later, to almost 80 two more days later. The yo-yo of temperature and pressure is having its way with me a bit, I fear.

More to the point of this week, though, I woke up on Monday practically unable to move, my lower back having decided to warn me about the sub-par seating arrangements in my apartment. 4 days, heating pads, and a bottle of Aleve later, I'm mostly recovered but still very conscious of sitting in the same posture for too long. It's not been the best part of the semester for this, as you might imagine, what with classes ending this coming week.

And really, I don't have much more to say tonight. I need to try and get back here a little more regularly, but it's the wrong time of year for those sorts of resolutions. So we'll see.


here is the freakish moment when a friend simply insists that you see a chiropractor. mine has changed my life. we go along w/ so many pains (some from the very things you describe) that we need not carry around. i'm sort of evangelical about my chiropractor. i hope you find a good one :)

Yeah, I'm getting over a repetitive motion injury to my shoulder. The move, the typing, and the stress reduced my shoulder to a slow burn. Get better and enjoy the draft coverage (ha!).

I'm actually more worried about my hand than my back--I figure that my back was just sending me a message about how not to work, while my hand is pretty much sore all the time now. May should be pretty light for me in terms of typing, though, so I'll see if maybe I can ease the pressure on it a bit...

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