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Another CCCC Cloud

You may recall that, last fall, I put together a couple of tagclouds based upon the abstracts from different cluster areas found in the searchable program for CCCC.

Unfortunately, no one took me up on the process I developed (along with the pre-fab redlist that I built for it). I still believe that it would be interesting to compare tagclouds of various area clusters, not only from area to area in a single conference, but for the same area from year to year. Right now, the searchable program doesn't exactly make it easy, but if that data's still around, it is probably our single best source of evidence for what actually goes on at our annual conference.

Not that I have the time to take it up myself. But I did go ahead and put together a cloud for Cluster Area 103, aka "Theory." Click on it to go to the much more legible version I've stored at Flickr:

What's this year's theme again?


ways is funny. I'm surprised 'in' and 'which' arent' on here too. :)

Thanks for this!

Words I wish we could put a moratorium" on for a while:

- critical
- shape
- site
- understanding
- construction
- texts

So, no sentences like: "I will show how sites of understanding are shaped and constructed through critical texts."

Could also be:
"critical sites of understanding"
"how texts are constructed through critical understandings"
or any other combination.


TagCrowd lets you filter out all "common" words, which is nice. Also, they let you set up a redlist--words you want to keep out of the results. So I also filtered out all the program-speak as well: speaker, presentation, panel, explore, examine, explain, discuss, argue, session, etc. It also collapses word forms into one another, so rhetorical includes rhetoric and rhetorics. For what it does TC is a nifty little free app with some flexibility...

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