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4 Cs, 4 days, 16 panels

Inspired in part by Donna's theme review of CCCC:

CCCC 07 summed up in 16 panels

There was more to it than that, to be sure, but as far as my presentation went, at the risk of sounding like I'm fishing for sympathy, having a featured presentation on Saturday afternoon was a lot like being called up to the big leagues the day after one's team is knocked out of competing for the playoffs. Hard to know when or if I'll be back.

I continue to be grateful to Cheryl Glenn for the opportunity, grateful to those good people who did come, and grateful to Derek and Deb, whose presentations were excellent. And I'll go ahead and screencast my talk this week, for all of those who couldn't make it.

I may post a little more about the conference over the next couple of days as well. What won't I post about? The squawking that Alex references that's going on right now over whether or not it's better to read or speak.

That's all, except to note that I did this with Stripgenerator 1.0.1)

Update: You can find both my slides and Derek's at Slideshare.net. We'll both have screencasts soon as well.


I was disappointed when I missed your session. It looked really good, but I overslept... eeek. (I know that's an awful excuse since it wasn't that early.) I'm glad you're going to screencast it. Thanks!

I confess. I went to the Metropolitan Museum instead of your session. I wrote you down on my planned conference schedule, though.

I can totally understand. My panel was at 2:00 p.m.

The crazy thing is that I thought I *would* be able to make it to your session. I was in total denial. Like Michael, I'm also glad you're screencasting it.

Thanks, all. Honestly, the most disappointing thing about it was that we were really hoping to get the word out about the site, something we've struggled to do. I've played before packed rooms and mostly empty ones, and so I'm always glad for whatever audience I have, but this year felt like a missed opportunity to reach people who aren't necessarily as savvy about what's available online...

I went! And the people who were there seemed totally fascinated.

Jenny's right when she says your audience seemed quite riveted. Some people even took notes! (Others took many, many, many, MANY photographs. It's possible that your panel had the most photographic documentation in the history of CCCC panels. Also the most clouds.)

sorry we didn't connect. busy schedules got in my way. hope you got to do some book shopping, at least.

By the way, hasn't anyone made comment #2000 yet?

I had no idea my body was transforming so quickly (or that I used a "plane/bus/boat/train" direct object). Seriously, I would have stayed if I could have afforded the extra day. I'm glad it was as riveting as I suspected it would be. Thanks for going the extra mile to provide a screencast.

I wasn't at CCCC, so I can't offer feedback there, but I do have a question: How'd you make the 16-panel strip? StripGenerator only lets me go up to 5 panels.

I did 4 separate 4-panel strips, took screen shots each time, and then just pasted them together in Photoshop...

Hey Collin, panel 11 looks like Captain Candy. Thought you might like to know.

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