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Wherein I continue to err on the side of the opaque

There are a few things that I might say, but for the moment, I'm going to keep quiet.

Except to note that, last night, my car was egged as it sat in front of my father's place (and we were at dinner). I was more curious than anything. Just one egg. I'd planned on getting the car washed anyway, given the grime of the long-distance roadtrip, so this has accelerated my timetable. Other than that, it's a decidedly minor event.

This is how I know I'm older: the number of activities that have (for me) no redeeming entertainment value grows annually. Thing is, I don't even care about having to clean off my car--it's no big deal. So I can't really muster any outrage over it. It just seems kind of stupid.

Ah well. Egg away, Iowegians.


My car got keyed, which is mildly more annoying, but all I could do is shrug it off.

No outrage here.

Several years ago, some kids in the neighborhood stuck an entire ice cream cone on my car. The whole thing--cone, ice cream, everything. It was annoying, but I also was confused why they'd waste a perfectly good cone just to piss me off.

As a recovering hothead, I've been amazed at the things that don't get under my skin anymore. If I can't change my circumstances, I simply let it all go. Too much to do in life with so little time to do it. Happy Holidays, cgb.

Yeah, not a lot of outrage here, either. A little local outrage on my behalf, but I really had intended to get a wash anyway... ;-)

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