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MLAte to the blogger meetup

I was running out of Appropriate A-words, so you will settle, one hopes, for an LA word. I spent most of my day engaged in pseudo-preparation, and trying to time my trips to Starbucks such that I wouldn't have to wait in line too long. Interviewed this afternoon, and then got a little social.

I met Laura face-to-face for the first time at one of the many cash bars that occupy the 5:15-6:30 timeslot. She came to dinner with me, Thomas, Jeff, Jenny, Derek, and Meredith. We ate at Bookbinders, purveyors of easily the finest seafood I've had since I lived in Virginia, and perhaps the best ever. Ev0r.

Laura and I went to the Blogadoodle, but we got there pretty late, and only stayed maybe an hour or so. Still, I made plans to hang for a little while tomorrow with Kathleen, met Scott, chatted with Chuck, Jonathan and Clancy (who took pix that I assume she'll post), and caught my first glimpse of some of the (other) ubers that I had only heretofore known virtually.

And that doesn't count all of the other folk I ran into and chatted with today. Felt like a real conference today, it did. And having my formal duties discharged made it all the better.

That is all.


mlate. heh.

Actually, I've been asked not to post them (sigh).

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