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This may not be of much use to anyone not already here in Philadelphia, but Jill points to a list assembled by ACH of all the "digital humanities" panels here at MLA this year. It's an encouraging list...

I really wanted to get to a panel or two today, but I have a thing about needing huge swaths of time in order to prepare for formal stuff. So no sessions today, it looks like, although I'm hoping to run into a couple of folk at the Rhet/Comp cash bar at 5:15 and the Bloggadoodle at 8:45.

In the meantime, carry on.


Ironically, the other day when you passed through Lafayette, i was there (with my parents for Christmas) and now that i am back in Philly, you're here too. Maybe one of us should be a little creeped out. The thing is, i'm not sure which one.

If you want creeping out, just hang out in one of the downtown hotel lobbies during the day tomorrow, and watch people. There's a lot of earnest, black-clothed academia floating around down here...

If you had been in Iowa while I was there, then I'd start to wonder... ;-) I promise I'm headed back to NY after MLA...


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