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Early Warning System


I was going to say that the first sign of winter's imminent arrival is the fact that, if you look closely at this picture, you can see the guideposts that have been installed at the various corners of the sidewalks. Because the snow gets deep enough fast enough that the snowplow drivers need help keeping track of the sidewalks on campus. Heh.

But really, the guideposts are the 3rd sign. The first is the gradual disappearance of the sun, and the snow itself is the second. They usually wait until after a couple of dustings to get the posts in place.

Anyhow, we've had some chilly nights over the past week or two, but this is the first day that's genuinely felt winterish. Won't be the last.

That is all.


This morning felt cold-as-a-witches-tit-ish! So I got myself to EMS and bought me one of those warm things that covers the whole lower half of the face. Very very attractive.

Today was *the day* that I left the house completely unprepared: no hat or scarf, no mittens/gloves, not enough socks on, etc.

I do this once every year, and I'm freezing and miserable for a day, and then I smarten up.

You'd think I'd remember how COLD it is here! I'm smart now. The wool socks are out from the closet.

So those'd be the 4th and 5th signs: Susan's sassy face mask and Madeline's frozen day.

Heya, I thought you were going to seek out sunnier shores for your academic pursuits.

Since moving to NYC, I hate winter more and more every year. It's rarely as cold as our "Titanic" New Year's Eve, but more often miserable enough to understand why so many north-easterners move to Florida.

BOO!!!!!! HISS!!!!!

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