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unsavory light?

I've watched the first two eps of Heroes, and while it's early yet for me to comment, I did want to note in passing the epic lameness of this:

Turns out that "Emerson filed a federal lawsuit in St. Louis on Monday, seeking to block the NBC television network from rebroadcasting the pilot episode of the new show "Heroes," which depicts a woman damaging her hand in a garbage disposal made by the company."

Wait. It gets better: "The suit also says the scene 'casts the disposer in an unsavory light, irreparably tarnishing the product.'"

Ah well. Who doesn't long for those halcyon days when the In-Sink-Erator was viewed, by all of us, in a savory light?

Lost tonight, Collin's delight.


Could just as easily be framed as a PSA: Don't dip your hand in the disposal or it'll be chopped into disgusting bits. Claire's hand grew back momentarily, anwyay.

Well, I watched episode one, and as a former pomeranian owner, I feel that NBC's decision to air a pomeranian licking the blood from Claire's momentarily disfigured hand was a reckless and unsavory of pomeranians.

Where's my check?

~I have spoken~

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