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Oh. My. Defense. Gods

The Bears had no no no no no business winning tonight, but I'll tell you this: an hour ago, I turned the sound way down and started reading. In the last twenty minutes, I've jumped out of my chair three separate times.

Watching the Bears clock the Seahawks was fun, but this was the best football game I've seen in a long time.


Shoot. I shut it off after the interception with 6+ minutes to go figuring it was over and done with.

By "best" you mean "worst", right?

At the half, one of the commentators said, "20 points won't be enough to win." Yep.

I didn't watch the second half because Green's conservative calling in the second quarter drove me nuts, and I expected this outcome. Coaches who play not to lose deserve not to win.

Saw Urlacher play during his college days at New Mexico. What he does doesn't surprise me. Now, if Chicago can get their offense to run smoothly, then I think we will see "da' Bears" in the Superbowl.

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