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It's hard to know how general or specific I'm supposed to be with regard to blogging about tenure, and so my solution in general has been to lay off that particular topic, despite the fact that it occupies more than its fair share of my waking thoughts. (No tenure dreams so far, knock on wood.)

Anyhow, I think I can safely say, without getting into specifics, that I have successfully passed the first stage. (The question isn't whether I've passed, but rather how much to say.)

One of the things that makes me uncomfortable about the process is the degree to which it requires a great deal of work on the parts of many people around me. Not that it didn't require work of me, too, but then, I expect/hope to benefit pretty directly from the work that I did. The fact that I may benefit from other people's work, though, is more humbling.

So although this won't be the last time, let me publicly thank all of my colleagues, both local and extended, whose efforts have gone into my tenure case. There's a fair bit of delay before it'll go through the next stage, but I'm sure that I'll be updating as it does.

That's all.


But they are benefiting, too, by having you there. I keep hearing a lot when people help me that they are being selfish by working to keep me here doing the work I do, which helps them do the work they do. So, it can be win-win for us all.

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