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Express Written Permission

I'd planned earlier today on simply posting the following, a draft of a future amendment to my syllabi:

Any rebroadcast, reproduction or account of this course is forbidden without the express written permission of the instructor, the Writing Program and Syracuse University.

But then, thanks to the sp4mm3rz, I hit a cgi ceiling with my webhost, and it caused my MT installation to sputter and die. As I was in the middle of upgrading to 3.3, I figured that I had done something horribly wrong, and thus spent hours undoing it, redoing it, having it still not work, then repeating the cycle three or four more times. I'm persistent like that.

And then I finally submitted a support ticket, and my lovely webhost solved my problem in 10 seconds.

So that's why the occasional bouts of unworkiness.


Let me guess: 500 Server Error? Too many open/unfinished processes?

Happened to me yesterday (sp4mm3rz sending trackbacks and failing) for the third time in three years. Good enough that the icdsoft folks were swift about killing the processes.


And man, you should be happy you weren't around to see me winding up into a server-error frenzy. It was ugly.

Effin sp4mm3rz.

Looks like we'll be coming through Syr. on Sept.30 on our way to Vermont to bike for a week. You going to be in town and have some time for us?
Tom's bd on 10/6.