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The Dreams They Have Told Me...

I woke up this morning at about 5 am, with what I can only assume was a caffeine headache. Dream-wise, I explained the pain in my head by imagining that I had gotten into a car accident. My fault, of course. But I also, for some reason, dreamed the first paragraph of a novel or short story, vividly imprinted on my brain, and written down at 5:01 for your personal edification:

Upon hearing of my presumed death, the good people of Laredo, Texas slaughtered several cattle in my honor. As they later explained to me, the thinking was that either the spirits would keep me company on my journey, or the smell of barbecue ribs would bring me round if I was still alive.

I have absolutely no explanation for these sentences. I don't know why I am presumed dead, I've never been to Laredo, and I have no especial fondness for the smell of ribs. All I know is that, at 5 am, this is what I wrote down.

That is all.


Thanks, Collin (and the good people of Laredo), for making me laugh on an otherwise rather laughless day (meetings, grading, grumbles). I woke up at about 3:30 this morning and began to worry, obsessively and unaccountably, about my students' final projects for one of my classes. That's never a good start to a day. But now I have this. (So when will you dream the rest of that novel?)

If it's any consolation, Laredo TX is number 23 on the nation's Sexiest Cities list.

Just kidding.

What I want to know, Tamika, is whether you had to look that up, or you have the entire list of our nation's Sexiest Cities memorized...

Too funny. I love the ribs part.

Of course I have it memorized.

"I have no especial fondness for the smell of ribs": maybe
memphis will change that.

Mmm, ribs. Must finish grading. Then must devote a whole day to barbeque....

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