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I knew it

This week's closing moment on Lost? I called it.

Several eps ago, when Hurley and Libby were in the hatch doing laundry, and Hurley asked her if he'd seen her before somewhere, Libby told him that he stepped on her foot as he was getting onto the plane.

Problem was, if he had, then Libby would have been in the front section, not the tail.

Of course, my theory was that Libby was one of the Others, so I didn't quite get it right. But still.

(I know, I know, I should write more about the last couple of episodes.)


You know, I didn't like last night's episode that much, basically because I thought it was a total rip-off of the Buffy episode where she is in the asylum. Like Hurley, it's implied that her slaying is a fantasy, and she's been in the mental hospital the whole time. Lost's version was a little different, of course, but still. I guess I expect the unexpected with Lost, and I didn't feel like I got it last night.

I loved tonight's episode. It was all new to me, and I love the back stories more than anything, so this was fun.

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