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A new CCR student, Class of 2034

If you haven't already, get yourself over to EWM, and wish Derek all the best for his partner's pregnancy, and his progeny's impending birth.

Me? I'm entertaining myself coming up with the most outlandish names I can think of. Not only would Digby Ignatius Mueller have the advantage of acronyming out to DIM, but nickname-wise, I'd have the rare pleasure of calling him Diggy Iggy. That's the best I've got so far.

You got better? Do share...


Because this list isn't growing any too quickly, I'll reluctantly propose that Digbrea Ignace be added in case it's a girl.

How's this for a list-compliments of the Doty girls...

Patrick Mueller and Micheala Mueller from Ariana

Ashley Rose Mueller and Stephen Ryan Mueller from Amanda

Alexandra or Mariana Mueller and Matthew or Robert from me

Jessie Mueller and Jared Mueller from Marina.

Diggy Iggy...definitely not! LOL