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It's always difficult for me to come off a few days/entries in a row where I feel as though I've "gotten serious." Does it somehow take some of the starch out of my collar to then post something frivolous? Should I try and gradually work back in by taking the serious down a notch each day until I'm back into my regular range? Do I just break the ice of seriousness with a big ol' goofhammer? I'm opting for goofhammering today.

So here are two utterly frivolous observation/comments:

Is it totally mean of me to suggest that perhaps Lindsay Jacobellis should have waited until after the race to check her board and make sure that her Visa Check Card wasn't missing? Yeah, probably so.

And speaking of mean (but still somehow completely hilarious), I should preface this by noting that while I'm really not much of a reality TV fan, I have gotten into Project Runway on Bravo over the past two seasons. Yes, this is a guilty pleasure. One of the contestants this season, Santino, does a spot-on imitation of Tim Gunn, who's kind of the fashion coach on the show (he doesn't judge the candidates, but tries to help them here and there, keep them on task, etc.). Anyhow, there's a video snippet on the Bravo site, where one of the other contestants has Santino do his Tim impersonation to sing NIN's "Closer to God." If you watch the show at all, it is sooo worth your time to download the (<1 MB) MP3. Really. It is priceless.

That's all.


I've been watching Project Runway also from the very start, but it was a natural considering that one of my many majors pre-Rhet/Comp was fashion design. Santino's whole fictional Tim Gunn/Andrae backstory involving trysts at Red Lobster was part of the joy of it all for me. Maybe he started the plotline just because it must be fun to say the name "Andrae" in Tim Gunn's voice.

I don't watch Project Runway, but there's a guy who does some funny snark recaps of each episode. You might like it.