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There are many copies

And they have a plan.

I don't know if they'll be doing it tomorrow, but today on the SciFi channel, you'll find a Battlestar Galactica marathon. As fellow BSG addict JB reminded me three weeks ago (!), new episodes begin again tomorrow.

And if you've checked out some of the recent top 10 of 05 lists, you'll find BSG listed on more than a few of them for the best television of 05. This is not an exaggeration, I assure you. Don't let the fact that the original BSG was a bad knock-off of Buck Rogers and Star Trek; the new show is incredibly sophisticated in all sorts of ways. Unless you count Lost in this category, BSG is easily the best science fiction on television today, and worth a look.

The best place to start, if you need to catch up, is with the original pilot, which comes on its own DVD. There are two seasons (13 eps each) that are also available, and worth both your money and time.

That is all.


I'll put them on my Netflix queue. I don't have cable, so can't catch them on Sci-Fi.

I definitely agree with you about BSG. I'll have t admit, though, the legacy (infamy?) of the original series sometimes serves as roadblock for those of us stumping for the current series.

I'll second Scot's agreement: totally smart, sophisticated stuff, and an excellent instance of the productive uses of science fiction for social commentary. It's great drama, too, of course, but man, there are all kinds of cultural and political resonances. . .

Alright, so I watched the marathon this week, the one the day before the startup of the second half of the second season.

Let me say that, as a huge Farscape fan, I had residual ill-will towards the show. I got over that pretty quickly. As someone who thought the first incarnation was pretty bad, a crappy rendition of Buck Rogers fights the Cold War, I was reluctant to think much of this version. That reluctance disappeared within the half hour I watched while munching on a late breakfast, the same half hour that ended around 6 hrs later with me totally hooked.

Good, good stuff. I'm going to go ahead and buy the first season DVDs, I think.

I've been meaning to add as a side-note that all the episodes are available through the iTunes Store, for something like $3-4 an episode...