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Somepost Wicked This Way Comes

You cannot begin to imagine the regret I feel over the fact that I am rapidly approaching a blog milestone that would best be reached 134 days from now. Unfortunately, this would necessitate making only one more post between now and then. While this would probably help me improve my workflow, I don't think I could manage.

What am I talking about? Go ahead, count it out. I'll wait.


hmmmm... let's see.... 134 days from the day of your post is the sixth of June in the year 2006.

Which suggests the milestone is the six hundred and sixty sixth post...

except when I count, I'd say you have six entries left to go, so hmmmm......

oops. MT was showing me 664, but that included a few draft place-holders from back in the day. So I have a few more to go than I thought...

lol chris did all that math, & i was just like "of course: wicked!" (which since you're not from boston i assumed meant 666 & not just "coooool!")