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Your gain

Tonight was the "fall finale" of Prison Break, imho the best new show on television, where we learned, among various plot points, that there won't be new episodes until March.


Now that that's out of my system, I should observe that my pain might just be your gain. If you haven't watched this show, or if you've watched it but not regularly, my guess is that they'll run the entire fall sequence from Jan to March, to give all you come-latelies a chance to catch up.

Anyhow, PB is a mix of 24, X-Files, and even Lost to a degree. Here's the story. Michael Scofield is an architect/engineer whose brother (Lincoln Burrows) is framed for the murder of the Vice President's brother. But Michael is the person who designed the prison that Lincoln is sent to, and so he fakes a bank robbery and gets himself sent to the same prison, with the idea that he will break them both out before Lincoln can be executed. And in the meantime, Veronica Donovan, an ex of Lincoln's, is trying to figure out what happened from the outside, trying to uncover the plot. There are three main plotlines at play: Veronica's efforts, which are hindered by some mysterious gov-types; Michael's plan for the break, which he converts to mnemonics that are tattooed all over his body; and the prison network, where Michael's plan must be executed.

One of the really fascinating things to me is the interplay between the intricacy and order of Michael's plan, with the messiness of the prison population. Michael has to balance various alliances to get the equipment and assistance he needs to execute the plan, all without getting himself killed in the process. It reminds me of 24 in terms of its heavily developed plot arcs, X-Files for the shadowy gov't conspiracy elements, and Lost for its large ensemble cast and sometimes clashing characters. Trust me when I say that it's worth a look.

That is all.


I'll second that. I love Prison Break so much that I always watch the encore episodes they show right before the new ones. The casting and performances are excellent; Peter Stormare as Abruzzi is probably my favorite (he was in The Big Lebowski and a ton of other stuff) followed by Robert Knepper as T-Bag (another one you've probably seen in something).

Another subplot is the budding romance between Michael and the prison's doctor, Sara Tancredi.

Also, Michael seems to have planned for every possible setback, except for this week..."They replaced it." (!) I'm even more excited about Prison Break's return than that of The Sopranos.