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Small consolation

winter arrives at SU

I hear tell that this is perhaps the latest we've ever gone before our first "hard" frost/snow, but really, that's small consolation when it was in the 60's two days ago, and tonight I had to sweep snow off the car before driving to the store.

Ah well. I do live in the north, and it's not like this is the last snowfall I'm likely to see this year/month/week. I can't really complain, except to note that it always takes me a few days of sub-freezing temps to get used to dressing for it properly and steeling myself sufficiently when I go outside.

No real Lost commentary this week. While I appreciated the backstory for the Tailfolk, it was a lot of time compressed into the episode, and I didn't feel like we got much. There was a different Dharma logo (an arrow instead of a swan), and a hint about the U.S. military. I'm looking forward to next week, when the two groups of castaways finally interact--I hadn't really realized how long it had been since we'd seen some of them...


I'm excited about the Bernard-Rose reunion.