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A girl after my own heart

Met up this afternoon with Douglas, Enslow, and Marlo, who were in town over the weekend for a bridal shower. First time I'd met the latter two--Douglas and I were compatriots at the Arlington School back in the day. I tried to see them last month whilst I was in NYC, but my trip coincided with Marlo's birth.

Anyhow, we met up at Starbucks, and spent a nice hour over coffee & tea, and the entire time, despite the yammering of parents and friend, despite the bustle of a campus coffeeshop, and despite the music that's always pitched just a little too loud in the Bucks, Marlo slept like an angel. D & E will look back upon these days with fondness in the months ahead, as I'm sure she won't always sleep like that, but for now, I was pretty impressed.

That's all.