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World enough and teeth

It's been a thin week here, not the least reason for which was the fact that I had my first root canal. Imagine my joy. In fact, it's really been a week or so since I was able to shove aside the excitement of my impending oral surgery in order to get some work done. And blogging has, well, suffered.

Here are the posts that you would have gotten to read this week, had I been able to write them. If you're lucky, and really really nice to me, perhaps I'll crank one or two out this weekend:

  • A much more elaborate read of Weinberger's "The New Is"
  • A TV rundown, wherein Alias, Lost, Prison Break, Invasion, and Threshold are considered
  • A response to the "pink locker room" scandal at the U of Iowa
  • At least one or two linked replies to stuff I've browsed but haven't been able to think about
  • A combination post where I praise LibraryThing, and talk about my upcoming appearance in NY (10:45 am)
  • An exhortation to brush one's teeth more regularly and effectively
  • A fond farewell to the MLB regular season

That's about it for this week. I'm pretty sure, had I not had mouth troubles, that this would have been my best week of blogging ever, so I can only apologize to all of you who have checked back daily expecting to see more than a couple of lame entries. Rest assured, though, that the pain you feel at your loss is a distant second to the pain I'm feeling. Really. Trust me.

That's all.


* The pink locker room story is pretty amusing. I think this guy pretty much sums it up from my point of view. I don't want to sound like a sexist pig, but as a "hawkeye" from the era of Hayden Fry, I've always thought the pink locker rooms are pretty funny. And isn't Gaulding making some weird assumptions about the color pink here?

* I've had a couple of root canals and they are never any fun. In my experiences, it takes a month or so before you'll be back to normal. So I feel your pain. Sorta.

* If you like this Library Thing, check out Delicious Library. The thing that is really cool about this is if you have/get an iSight camera, you can scan the barcode on the book (or CD or DVD) and it will enter the information automatically. Now that's cool.

Hope you feel better, Collin. Thanks for the tip on Library Thing. It's a great site.

You've been getting sympathetic vibes from me for several days. I'd heard about your dental woes, and I've been checking your blog daily, saying to myself, "Oh, my, he must still be feeling terrible." Sorry to hear I was right. Treat yourself to lotsa ice cream.