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Common Census

Here's a groovy little information visualization (hat tip to infosthetics),

a collaboratively generated geographical map of the US that visualizes how the country is organized culturally, as opposed to its traditional political boundaries. the map attempts to show how the country is divided into 'spheres of influence' between different cities at the national, regional & local levels. in practice, it is based on the collective 'votes' from thousands of users about which city they belong to, what they consider to be their local area & which major city most influences their area, as well as their life.

You can cast your "vote" over at their site, commoncensus.org.

Me? I just like the pretty colors...


The sports maps have an interesting bias, especially for college football. According to the map, Georgia Tech has the eighth largest fan base in the country (highly unlikely), while Georgia, which has 3-4 times as many alums, doesn't even rank in the top 50. Even Northern Illinois ranks ahead of UGA.

While I know that UGA grads often do know how to use computers, they are arguably far less likely to come across this survey than Tech grads. I noticed a similar appetrn for engineering schools in other states (Purdue vs. Indiana, for example).