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Devil vs. Deep Blue Sea

I'm trying to decide which recent commercial disturbs me more:

Target's use of "Baby Got Back" for their new back-to-school campaign, or

Lee Iacocca and Snoop Dogg appearing together in the latest Chrysler campaign. For shizzle, Iacizzle?! Oh. My. God.


For the third slot in disturbingness I submit OfficeMax's ad using "Rubberband Man" by the Det. Spinners while the supply-cart pusher cavorts all through the office passing out goods.

You know, taken hypothetically, this could make an amusing game: which imagined product/song commercial combination would disturb you the most?

ZZ Top, "Fool for Your Stockings," shilling for Victoria's Secret.
Nina Simone, "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl," shilling for Domino.
The Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #3," shilling for National Grid.

Thank you, Derek--I thought I was the only won weirded out by the OfficeMax commercials. And those Target "Baby got backpack" ones are just just just. Ick.

But I'm still pushing for the most disturbing award to go to the Parrot Bay Rum commercials--"Get on da bus." Because rum *will* take you away from the tedium of poverty, so that you can dance with glitzy white tourists. Oh yeah.