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You can't see me

At least for a few days. I'm gearing up for my annual summer road trip, which this year includes stops at Penn State, Columbus, Lafayette, Chicago, and Davenport.

Laundry's done, mail's turned off, laptop's charged, iPod's updated, car is gassed. What else? Oh yeah, I have to give a paper on Tuesday. Wouldn't hurt to see if I can't get that written.

My plan is to try and be a little better about documenting the conference, both via Flickr and blogging sessions. Fortunately, that's at the beginning of the trip, before I get tired of lugging the laptop everywhere. I'll also have at least a couple of other people to help--Jenny and Jeff will be at Penn State as well. So, expect some session blogging as well as some pix from the Penn State Conference, but don't expect much action here in the next couple of days...