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Speaking of statistics

The production crew here at cgbvb has asked me to let you all know that we're rapidly approaching another Magical Milestone, this time related to the number of comments on this here weblog.

Let it never be said of me that I was above the occasional, well-placed bribe. Let's just say that comments are currently somewhere in the 990's, and for the 1000th comment (or rather, for the author of the 1000th comment), I offer two--count them, two!!--prizes: first, a random gift selected from your Amazon wishlist (within reason, of course); and second, a blog entry all about YOU. (The occasion of Lori's 500th post reminded me how much fun I had writing fake posts over at Aly's site, and what can I say? I've got a hankering.)

To be fair, I should probably restrict this contest to people who have contributed at least one missive to the 990-something comments that have come before, but we'll see.


I'm not counting this one towards the 1000, but let me just say that if someone comes in here and posts 10 comments, you're disqualified, not to mention no fun at all.

Damn, you are clever! I was going to do just that! I guess I'll just have to lurk a while and try to time it just right!

Just clearing the way for the winner...

There's a lovely thunderstorm outside my window.

Hey, did any of you see the new issue of CCC? There's an article about authorship and online paper mills that looks very interesting. There's also a state-of-the-discipline type article titled "Composition in the 21st century."

I carry a deep shame at never having posted anything about The Rhetoric of Rhetoric during the Rhetoric Carnival, which I proposed in the first place. Ugh, I feel like a total loser for dropping the ball on that one. I didn't make the time to finish the book and write a decent post. I haven't given up on the general Rhetoric Carnival idea, though, but I'm wondering if it might be better and more realistic to focus on a substantial article instead of a book. Maybe Kathleen Blake Yancey's CCCC Chair's Address, which was published in CCC recently, or, for a compromise, maybe a special issue of one of the journals in our field, like the last JAC on complexity theory.

Lo-o-o-o-o-oser. Actually, doing articles makes more sense, with an occasional issue or book as we get into a habit. I'd read the Fulkerson article with an eye towards posting something...

I'll give it a shot... and then I'm going straight over to my amazon wish list and picking out my prize.

Who am I kidding... The real prize is getting a post about me written by the esteemed author of Collin vs. Blog. (Does sucking up help skew the game at all?)

I win! I win! I win!

uh.....do I?

Well, at least my wishlist is over four pages long.

Collin, since when did you do quantitative analysis?

pick me! pick me!


If it was at 990, Collin, there's no more room. The winner is here. If no one yet, I must be the winner. (Running the permutations...990+10th commenter on this entry...give me a minute).

Got up early this morning . . . but still late. Argh.
Anyway, I don't want a post written about me, my infant blog couldn't handle it.

So who's the winner??

Argh... The suspense is killing me...

(This is a lot funnier if you imagine me doing it in a Charlton Heston, Soylent Green voice)